Roblox Assassin Value List 2019

As one of the famous games on the online platform Roblox Assassin Value List, which has accumulated more than 90 million players, many players of this game are curious about the official Roblox Assassin list in 2018. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place because you will be notified of a list of Roblox Assassin Values.Roblox Assassin Value List 2019

Apparently, there are many variants of Roblox Assassin. One of them is known as Roblox Exotic. For those looking for an exotic Roblox Assassin list, here is a complete list for you. See below.

Exotic variants consist of Weapons ranging from Exotic Knives, Electrons [Exotic Blades], Dragon Breath [Exotic Blades], and Super Exotic Blades. And there are still many other exotic variants that you can have. Special Exotic Variants consist of Water [Exotic Knife], Fire [Exotic Knife], Earth [Exotic Knife], and Water [Exotic Knife]. Remember that the weapons mentioned above can only be obtained from cases or events with special limited time. In this case, you better not try to get it from another opportunity because it will only waste your time.

How much do you know about the Roblox Assassin Value list? If your knowledge is not that wide and you cannot depend on your memory, here are some things that can refresh your memory about Roblox Assassin and Roblox Assassin Value Value. There is a series of weapon skins displayed in this game. There are also customization options and many other features, although many prominent features are also tier systems, and are implemented with Assassin.

As stated earlier, Roblox Assassin was developed by Prisman. This means Prisman has made a list of the Roblox Assassin Values. For those who are looking for this, here is a list of the Roblox Assassin values from Prisman. One of the variants is called Exotic and mentioned earlier, this will exclude Exotic. You only need to scroll up to check it.

For General Variants, there is Yellow [General Knife], Green [General Knife], Pink [General Knife], Orange [General Knife], Blue [General Blade], Gravel [General Knife], Rusty [General Knife], Medic [Knife General], Brick [General Knife], Board [General Knife], Layered [General Knife], Frost [General Knife], Fine [General Knife]. For Rare Variants, there is Tiger [Rare Blade], [Rare Blade], Cow [Rare Blade], Pop [Rare Blade], Diamond [Rare Blade], Spinning [Rare Blade], Color [Rare Blade], Color [Blade Rare], Hippy [Rare Blade], Reptile [Rare Blade], Rising Sun [Rare Blade], and Crimson [Rare Blade]. For Legendary Variants, there are King of Hearts [Legendary Blades], Digital [Legendary Blades], Galaxy [Legendary Blades], Kraken [Legendary Blades], Bubblegum [Legendary Blades], Toon [Legendary Blades], Tropical [Legendary Knives], Tropical [ Legendary knives], Waves [Legendary Knife], Corrupted [Legendary Knife], Camo [Legendary Knife], and Molten [Legendary Knife].

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