Duckie Simulator Codes 2020 Full List (June 2020)

In this article we will discuss Duckie Simulator Codes 2020. By using the code that we provide you will get items, pets, gems, coins, and others. When other players try to make money during a match, the codes we provide make it easier for you and you can achieve what you need before by leaving others behind you. Let’s look at the following belowDuckie Simulator Codes 2020 Full List (June 2020)

Duckie Simulator Codes Active 2020

  • Release – You received +150 Squizz
  • Squizz – You received +150 Squizz
  • 250LIKES – You received +300 Squizz
  • 1250LIKES – You received +300 Squizz
  • 1kplayers – You received +300 Squizz
  • Update1 – You received +300 Squizz
  • Update2 – You received +300 Squizz

Duckie Simulator Codes (Expired Codes)

  • UPDATE18: You will get lots of coins
  • Shiny: You will get the Shiny Bay Serpent
  • Tommy_QZ: You will get lots of coins
  • 60MCoin: You will get 25.94 billion coins
  • 50MCoin2: You will get 117.33 T coins
  • 50MPET: You will get 50 million Albatross King Pet
  • 50MCoin: You will get 1 million coins
  • 25KLIKES: You will get 10 minute coins
  • Pet1000: You will get a coin worth 10 Min
  • 3000Code: You will get a coin worth 10 Min
  • 10K: You will get a 10 minute coin
  • 1MPET: You will get 1M Baby Serpent

How to redeem Duckie Simulator 2020

  1. Find “Twitter” icon right side of your screen and click this icon.
  2. A screen will be opened.
  3. Type the code above that we provided into the blank area. (You can copy and paste the code)
  4. Hit “Redeem” button to use codes.

Highlight Duckie Simulator 2020


  • Shiny Pets (Shiny pets have a 1/200 chance to hatch and 2x normal pet statistics!)
  • New duck!
  • New energy!
  • Legendary and Myth Enriched!
  • New badge!
  • Pet Locking System!
  • Delete Lots!
  • Multi-Lock!
  • Two New Gamepass!
  • Buy all the buttons for energy and duck!
  • Leaderboards now have 100 players in them!
  • Messages are now sent to the entire server when the myth or legendary has been hatched!
  • Premium players have chat tags now!
  • Bug fixes and improvements!

That’s the article about Duckie Simulator Codes 2020. Hopefully the article can help you. If you have questions or difficulties please fill in the comments column that we have provided. Thank you for visiting our website


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